Terrarium Design Crate

Terrarium Design Crate


The Terrarium Design Crate provides everything you need to create a beautiful, long lasting and stylish terrarium for your home! Terrariums are a great way to green up your space and look beautiful on a window sill. Terrariums thrive in natural sunlight and require minimum upkeep, making this a great gift to yourself or a loved one for their home or workspace! The kit is also great for parents and kids who want to create something beautiful together!


      Accompanied by a video tutorial, the Terrarium Design Crate will teach you how to build a succulent terrarium using different varieties of succulent plants as well as stones and soils.

      Each Terrarium Design Crate includes:

      • Tutorial Video
      • 8 inch terrarium hexagon vase
      • 4 succulent plants (ex. succulent, jade plant, echeveria, and aloe)
      • 4 types of soil/stone
      • Tongs and small spoon
      • Apothecary Style Mister

      Each crate is prepared to order with fresh succulents and all the tools you need to create a terrarium. Just add water and sunlight!

      Be sure to check out our FAQs for flower care tips and specific questions.

      Succulent varieties are subject to change based on availability.


      The Terrarium Design Crate cannot be returned or exchanged, but should you find any issues with your order, please email us promptly at floralcrate@thestylemarc.com for assistance.


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